Sleep Dentistry Sydney NSW

We strive to make our dental practice located in Northern Sydney an anxiety-free zone!

We understand that for many people dental anxiety or fear of the dentist can prevent them from receiving the care they want and need. With this in mind, Dr Freelander and Dr Tsang have developed an innovative approach to reducing anxiety and increasing comfort in our Wahroonga dental practice.

Our dentists strive to empower our patients by walking them through their treatment options and the associated costs in order to alleviate some anxiety or stress about the cost of dental care.

We guide you through the treatment you are receiving every step of the way – you know exactly what is happening at every stage of the process.

Comprehensive Sedation options are offered to anxious patients to allow them to receive the dental treatments they require in a relaxing and comfortable environment. These options include:

  • Penthrox
  • “Happy” gas, otherwise known as Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Valium sedation
  • Topical anaesthetic
  • Advanced anaesthesia techniques
  • Relaxation therapies
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

We have invested in state-of-the-art dental technology to provide minimally invasive treatments that maximise the results we can achieve. If you have delayed seeking dental treatment for years due to fear or anxiety, Wahroonga Family Dental Centre may be an ideal choice for you. Our friendly team are more than happy to answer any of your queries or concerns before, during or after your dental treatment.

Our dental professionals often observe that it is the loss of control which can be so nerve racking when visiting the dentist. You can rest assured that we will keep you informed about exactly what we are doing as we do it. In addition to this, our dental professionals will also closely monitor you to ensure that you are comfortable for us to proceed at all times.

Our dental professionals will also strive to create a partnership with you, becoming familiar with your dental needs and any potential levels of dental anxiety. By creating this partnership with you we can help to eliminate your fears and make you feel comfortable around our proficient team.

Sleep Dentistry Sydney

To experience gentle, virtually anxiety free dental care with the help of our Northern Sydney based dentists, please do not hesitate to contact our dental professionals today.

Discover dental care designed to enrich your long term oral and overall health at our Northern Sydney dental practice by arranging an appointment at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre today!

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