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Same day restorations with CEREC mean that you can enjoy seamless dental restorations in just one appointment…

  • Receive your restoration in just a single appointment
  • Protect and safeguard the structural integrity of your smile
  • Enjoy long lasting and durable restorations
  • Benefit from high quality, accurate restorations
  • No temporary restorations and no messy impressions
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“Our CEREC machine is great because it enables our team to give our patients convenient and high quality same-day restorations.”

— Dr Andrew Freelander

Portrait of happy young businessman with colleagues in the backgroundWahroonga Family Dental in Northern Sydney has a state-of-the-art CEREC machine

Save time and money at Wahroonga Family Dental with our world-class CEREC machine. Restore chipped or damaged teeth with accurate and enduring restorations, all in the one appointment at our Northern Sydney practice.

Experience same day crowns and restorations at Wahroonga Family Dental with the help of CEREC technology.

All in a single appointment

Don’t wait numerous appointments to repair or enhance the shape and appearance of your teeth. CEREC technology offers all the benefits of accurately constructed restorations, but without the length and potentially expensive waiting times.

Traditionally restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers required multiple appointments and an outsourced laboratory service to conduct. Fortunately with the help of CEREC technology Dr Freelander and Dr Tsang can design, mill and install restorations all in house within a single appointment.

The benefits of CEREC technology

There are a number of benefits when it comes to CEREC technology. Some of the benefits include:

  • Receive your restorations in just a single appointment

CEREC technology enables our dentists to create your restoration in just one appointment.

  • Protect and safeguard the structural integrity of your smile

CEREC technology uses 3D rendering to create a restoration that is the exact match of your tooth, without damaging the tooth in the process.

  • Long lasting and endurable restorations

At Wahroonga Family Dental our CEREC technology creates porcelain restorations which are long lasting and can withstand chewing, speaking and smiling. Porcelain restorations can also last up to ten years (potentially even more) if well looked after.

  • No temporary restorations

By receiving same-day restorations you will not be required to wear potentially uncomfortable temporary restorations.

  • High quality, accurate restorations

CEREC technology will perfectly match your restoration to the rest of your tooth by using a highly advanced 3D rendering technology.

  • Affordable

CEREC made restorations are often affordable and you will not need to pay for follow-up appointments like you would with traditional restorations.

  • No impressions

Instead of using dental putty and impressions, CEREC uses 3D rendering to take arcuate measurements.

  • Receive restorations that look and feel like natural teeth

As CEREC technology produces high quality, arcuate restorations, they will fit seamlessly into your smile to look, feel and function as your natural teeth do.

What can I improve or correct with CEREC technology?

There are a number of restorative and cosmetic dental concerns that can be improved or corrected with CEREC technology. A CEREC restoration can correct chips or damages to your tooth, fill an area that has been damaged by decay and enhance cosmetic imperfections such as discoloration or misshapen teeth.

State-of-the-art technology partnered with comfortable and convenient care

Our family dental practice offers comprehensive dental care designed to enrich the oral health of your entire family. Our CEREC technology enables us to provide convenient dentistry with same-day restorations.

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Discover dental care designed to enrich your long term oral and overall health at our Northern Sydney dental practice by arranging an appointment at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre today!

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