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Experience the reliability of traditional orthodontic treatment without metal brackets with the help of ceramic braces at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre in Northern Sydney

Ceramic braces may be worth considering if you are seeking the reliability of traditional orthodontic treatment with an added aesthetic benefit. This type of treatment replaces the unsightly metal brackets of traditional orthodontic treatment with tooth coloured ceramic, which can blend far better with your natural tooth enamel.

The benefits of ceramic braces:

  • The tooth coloured brackets can blend far better with your natural tooth enamel
  • Many patients report increased comfort, with the ceramic brackets causing less irritation to gums
  • These brackets are stain resistant, maintaining their aesthetic throughout your entire treatment

A discreet choice when straightening your teeth

Ceramic tooth coloured braces offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces. However, this treatment still retains the benefits of the tried and tested braces treatment. Ceramic braces can be an excellent option for our patients who:

  • Work in a professional environment where they feel their appearance is important
  • Feel self-conscious about wearing conventional braces
  • Have crooked or misplaced teeth
  • Do not have a matched bite

Receiving ceramic braces

Similar to receiving traditional braces, the process of receiving ceramic braces should be comfortable and take very little of your time.

Initial consultation: Before you receive ceramic braces our dental professionals will provide a thorough consultation to assess the exact positioning of your teeth and bite. This allows us to tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

Bonding: Instead of metal brackets, the ceramic brackets will be bonded to your teeth to help ensure that your treatment is discreet. A specialised bonding cement will be applied to your teeth, then the bracket will be applied and cemented into place.

Wire threading: Once your brackets are firmly in place, an orthodontic wire is threaded through the brackets, joining the brackets. In order to keep the wire in place we will apply transparent plastic bands around each bracket.

Tightening appointments: Normally around every 6 – 8 weeks you will be required to attend a tightening appointment in order to tighten the braces and encourage further movement, as well as monitor your progress.

The time you will be required to wear the ceramic braces is entirely dependent on your particular dental concerns. Often treatment time is anywhere between 12 – 24 months.

With the wide range of orthodontic treatments available at our Northern Sydney dental practice our dentists are more than happy to walk you through your options to discover the most appropriate treatment for you.

Clear Braces Sydney

To discover more about the ceramic orthodontic treatment we offer at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, or to request a consultation at our dental practice, please contact us.

Discover dental care designed to enrich your long term oral and overall health at our Northern Sydney dental practice by arranging an appointment at Wahroonga Family Dental Centre today!

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